Portable WiFi Rental in Italy, Greece, Belgium and Romania

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Portable WiFi rental - pocket wifi rentals in Italy, Belgium or Romania

Portable WiFi Rental


Logo Presto WiFiPresto WiFi is a specialized portable wifi rental provider for European countries like Italy, Greece, Belgium and Romania. We help international travelers save money by renting a mobile WiFi hotspot instead of using data roaming from their operator.

A portable wifi device will allow you to explore your destination with the help of Internet (maps, travel tips, accomodation), without having to worry about the cost of data roaming.

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Here are a few things you could easily do with a portable WiFi

Besides emails and browsing the Internet here are a few extra things that a mobile WiFi hotspot can offer you:

  • Getting directions: you can use Google maps on your smartphone with your GPS on and get step by step directions to your hotel, a great pizzeria or a famous attraction. No need to buy a map anymore! If travelling by car you can also forget about bringing or renting a GPS (as long as you have a smartphone)!
  • Skype & VOIP calls: stay in touch with whoever is important to you without worrying about the costs of international calls. You can use Skype or Nonoh (a great VoIP app with lower fees) and say “Hi!”  to your dear ones from Florence, Pisa, Rome, Napoli and other great places!
  • Tourist information: there are a couple of smart apps that can recognize a photo that you take (usually based on location so watch out for privacy issues) and offer you detailed information about that painting, statue or building! no need to buy a travel guide anymore!
  • Great local places: by using your portable WiFi hotspot you can have unlimited access to TripAdvisor or Google Place to find great places to eat & sleep. We recommend those two for getting good recommendations from the travel community
  • Instant translations: you can use Google Translate for texts and speech recognition, make sense of what the ragazzi around you are saying or even boost your Italian knowledge with a smart app as Duolingo
  • Make photos & videos and share them: would you like to send pics back home from the Colloseum or Piazza del Campo? Don’t wait to get to your hotel, with our mobile WiFi hotspot you can get 4G speeds (in larger cities) and send all the photos you want. You can even send a video with no worries about your data plan (you get 2 Gb/ week)

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Rent a mobile WiFi in Italy, Belgium or Romania starting at 4 euro/day! Make a smart choice and contact us for portable WiFi rentals in Italy, Belgium and Romania!

Presto WiFi – your favourite portable WiFi rental provider!


  1. Cecilia Arellano

    Buenas tardes,
    Quisiera saber el precio de un alquiler de equipo desde el día 7 de abril hasta el día 15 de abril.
    El equipo debe ser entregado en un hotel de Parabiagio y devuelto en el aeropuerto de Bologna.
    Mucho agradeceré enviarme la cotización correspondiente.
    Quedo a la espera de sus noticias.

  2. Hi

    I am in US and will be traveling in Italy (Napoli, Sorent, Amalfi) from May 17 (Sat) to May 24 (Sat).

    I am arriving at Napoli Airport on May 17. Can I pick the pocket Wifi at the airport? If not, you can send the device with a charger to a hotel (in Napoli) for me on time? And can I drop it at the Napoli airport on May 24?

    I will appreciate it if you could give me your advice quickly, since I am leaving US tomorrow.


    • Dear Keizo,
      We would be happy to help you, but unfortunately all our devices are booked for this weekend. It’s a full tourist season so we need to have the bookings at least 1 week in advance.
      Sorry we cant help this time! :(

  3. Hi
    I’m going to Italy from 21June to 26 June. Is there any pocket wifi available to rent? And I will arrive Roma on 21Jun night.

  4. I’ll be in Greece from May 23-30, any pocket wifi is available & the price? How about not providing detail info e.g. Residential address during the process of getting quote?

    • Dear Cherie,
      Please fill in our order form and my colleagues will check and inform you asap. You don’t have to fill any data you choose not to, at least not for getting a quote – you can just type in “N/A or none” for the information you wish not to provide.
      Take care!

  5. Hi I am travelling on a cruise on June 23 and will be going to many places in Italy and Greece. Can I rent it from one city and return it in another city, or do I have to return it from the same place I got it from?

  6. Hi, can I know this wifi hotspots can provide to how many devices? Thx…

    • Hello Christine,
      Thanks for contacting us! Our Presto WiFis can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Let us know if you need any help!

  7. Good day,do you offer wifi rentals that is more than 7 days? We will be travelling to Italy from June 21 to July 1, a total of 11 days.

  8. We will be traveling to italy – Rome and Abruzzi from Friday June 27 to Saturday July 5. How is your wifi coverage in Abruzzi?
    What is the cost and can I pick up and drop off from Fiumicino airport? I arrive from Hong Kong at 7 AM

    • Dear Massimo,
      We have good coverage in most of the Abruzzo region, but we need to check the precise towns and villages you will stay in for more accurate information – we can provide you the details. We can only deliver at your hotel in Rome, but my colleagues will shortly contact you with all this information on email.

  9. hi,
    ill be in rome from june 27- july 1.

    how is the process goin to be if i want a 7days pocket wifi?

  10. Hello, we will be visiting in Toscana from 20 October to 29 November of this year. We are staying in Incisa in Val d’Arno, Florence. Perché avremmo bisogno il wifi per un lungo periodo, qual è il tasso di meglio si possa offrire a noi? Qualora nella zona vorresti noi piace avere la periferica? o, vorreste consegnare alla casa colonica dove andremo a stare? Thank you.

  11. Hi I am going to Italy, South france and Switzerland in September – October. Does the wifi cover the area? Thanks

    • Dear Iani,

      Unfortunately we can only help you for your stay in Italy. We have special discounts for students (up to 50% discounts on data packages) so please contact us at orders@prestowifi.com and send us your credentials to get these.

      All the best and thanks for writing!


  12. What does 1gb of data traffic included means? Is it unlimted data usage and upto 1 go the speed will be reduce…

  13. Hi, I’ll be arriving in Italy from Singapore on 8 dec morning till 15 dec via Malpensa airport. Will likely be visiting Florence, Venice & Rome. Was wondering if there’s a pick up point from the airport? Hope to hear from you soon

    • Dear Elaine,

      Thanks for contacting us! We don’t have an airport office but we can send a pocket wifi all over Italy. Please fill in our order form and my colleagues will soon contact you!



  14. Hello,

    Planning on going to Italy July – August of 2015. I would need wifi for about 2 weeks and wanted to know if there would be good wifi coverage in Lacedonia, AV. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Lucia,

      Thanks for contacting us! We checked the connection for Lacedonia and I am afraid it’s not that good so you might have difficulties with using mobile Internet there. Bisaccia nearby or Rocetta Sant’antonio are much better. Let us know if we can help!


  15. Hi, Im travelling to Italy from January 30 to February 15, i was wondering if its possible to rent the pocket wifi for the 16 days Ill be there?

    Thanks a lot!

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